"E-Commerce and Reprint Rights."

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Copy Rights

We have a following lists of typical image rights which might be helpful.

All Photos Are Copy Righted. All Rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication

is a Validation of applicable laws.    


* ONE-TIME RIGHTS: These Photos are ''LEASED'' or ''LICENSED'' on a one time basis; one fee is paid for one use


            * FIRST RIGHTS :This is generally the same as purchase of One TIME RIGHTS, Though the  Photo buyer is paying a bit more for the privilege of being the first to use the image. He or She may use it only once unless other rights are negotiated.


           * SERIAL RIGHTS: The  Photographer has sold the rights to use the Photo in a periodical. It  should not be confused with using the Photo in '' installment''.


          * EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: The  buyer's EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to use the photo in his or her particular market or for a particular product. The copy right owner will retain rights to sell the image to other markets unless other wise specified.


         * ELECTRONIC RIGHTS: These rights allow a buyer to place your work on electronic media, such as  CD-ROMs or web sites. Prints rights upon request.


          * PROMOTION RIGHTS: Such rights allow a publisher to use a photo for promotion of a publication  in which PHOTO appeared. The photographer should be paid for promotional  use in  addition to the rights first sold to reproduce the image.


         * WORK FOR HIRE: Under the Copyright Act of 1976, section101, a '' WORK fOR HIRE '' is defined as: '' (1) a work prepared by an employer within the scope of his or her employment; or (2) a work.... specially ordered  or commissioned for use as a contribution to a collective, as part of a motion picture or audio visual work or as a supplementary work.... if the parties agree in a written instrument signed by the work shall be consider a work made for hire''. * ALL RIGHTS: This involves selling or assigning all rights to a photo for a specific period of time. Terms for all rights -- including time period of usage and compensation-- should be negotiated and confirmed in a written agreement with both parties.


All prints are Limited Editions and Signed.




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