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Favorite Links

Maxton's Puzzle Sculptures
- If you want art work with a LOT more to it than just something to look at, these puzzling and colorful geometric metal sculptures provoke interaction by the viewer and make great gifts for the eclectic.

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THE ART LIST - Art Contests Newsletter
JPG.comJPG Magazine is for people who love image making without attitude.
YourArtLinks is the largest directory of artist listings and art related sites. Unique links, in more than 60 categories for online galleries, emerging artists, art supplies, workshops and much, much more.

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First Communion InvitationsTaylor card provides entire assortment of cards on Birth Announcements, 1st Communion, Baptism and more.

Canvas Art

Online contemporary canvas art gallery. Buy abstract, black and white, graffiti, and urban canvas art and contemporary canvas prints from didgi widgi! Have Fun!