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Hand Painted Portraits & Photos the Classic way.

"Since 1980"

Hand Tinted Photos and Painted Portraits are Priceless.


We have over 100 years of combined experience in the Portraiture business.

Our Portraits and Photos are Museum Quality.

Our goal is provide each client with a Personalized Portrait Session. We strive to meet and exceed our Customers’ expectations by capturing those special moments of time on different mediums or styles.

We believe in spending quality time with each client to make it a pleasant experience.

We can also enlarge your old forgotten color or black and white negatives. Why let them collect dust, we can create a Work of Art the "Classic way" for you or your Family.

No worries, we can crop out any object, or person(s) upon request for the final photo.

We can Create a Heirloom that will last for generations. For quotes, special request and inquiries please use our
Guest book, comments are encouraged.


A Color photo born inside a Camera.

A black and white photograph the "Classic way" delivered inside our Darkroom.

A Hand tinted black and white Photo the "Classic way".

 Welcome to the World of Hand Tinted Black and White Photographs. Hand Coloring has risen in popularity of late due to its "rediscovery" by a new generation of Photo Artist. A very user friendly medium the Art of Hand Tinting Black and White Photos. Hand Tinting Black and White Photos allows application correction and fine-tuning.   We use the "Classic way" to produce our Photo Art. Our Hand Painted Portraits and Black and White Photo Art are Museum Quality.


 We Specialize in Hand Tinting Black and White Photos the "Classic way". Never computer aided in any way. We use only fiber based or rag paper in our prints. All prints are Limited Editions.We have over 400,000 Images in our Archives. Our Photos are a culmination of over 50 years in the Photo Industry.

  Please visit our Black and White Hand Tinted Photo Gallery. So Don't miss out on a chance to own tomorrows Picasso's. The only Investment in today's Art Market that yields real dividends are Hand tinted photos and Portraits made the Classic Way.
Enjoy your visit.

Artfully yours,

Please help support our Art Gallery, thanks for your visit.

Hand Tinted Classics.
One Eye Skinny.'s Hand Tints of the World, Black and White Photographs,Vintage, Avante Garde,Copper Tones, Selenium Tones. photoset One Eye Skinny.'s Hand Tints of the World, Black and White Photographs,Vintage, Avante Garde,Copper Tones, Selenium Tones. photoset

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