Masters of the past.

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My Inspiration.

  I have taken Photographs for over 30 years. I try to capture the mood and the colors of each scene. I often used the special Style of painting called Pointillism. By employing the three color system using dots and splashes of colors to create in the end, one Tone. George Seurat ( 1859- 1891) developed this special style. I want to reveal the unseen side of the mirror. I accomplish this by taking Photos before they take place.  I used an Impressionistic approach, the same way Claude Monet ( 1840- 1926) did in his Paintings.I have the utmost respect for all forms of light. I observe light to look in to it's character. I use Light as a means of creating a visual optical Illusion. Rembrandt ( 1609- 1669) would show half of a face with bright Sun Light falling on it, the other half in deep shadow. He would always place emphasis on the shadow side. I am always Excited about my next image,  the next one is always more inspiring than the last.

Giovanni Angelico. (1400- 1445), He was an Itailian Monk who was one of the Greatest Painters of the Renaissance. He used a style called Fresco Paintings made on new white Plaster. His pictures are very Beautiful. filled with delicate colors and a feeling of peaceful serenity.

Sandro Botticelli,( 1445- 1510), Allessandro Filipepi was born in the Itailian city of Florence. Botticellei is well know for the many Round compositions he created. A popular shape for his Paintings in his day.

Paul Cezzanne (1839 - 1906), Cezanne, one of the Greatest Impressionist of all. He was a shy man who knew many people, but had few friends. Cezzanne developed the style of using Geometrical shapes as the basis for his Paintings, because he believed that everything in the world was made up of either a Sphere, a Cone, A Cylinder, or Cube. Like many of the Great Masters it was not until after Cezzanne at age 67 that he recieved the Recognition he deserve as " The Father of Modern Painting ".

John Constable, (1776 - 1837), Constable became one of the best Land scape Artist of his time. He Painted the places he knew best. The fields, hills and farms near his home, Nature Inspired most of his Paintings.

Domenikos Theotokopoulos, (1541 - 1614), He was known as El Greco, he was born on the Greek Island of Crete. The tall solemn figures in El Greco Paintings appear to be stretched out- their necks, arms, and faces are longer and thinner than real people have. El Greco"s Paintings seem like pictures of another world. One of the first Great Artist who thought showing feelings in his art work was more important than showing reality.

Michelangelo Buonnarroti, ( 1475 -1564), He was an Italian Painter and Scupltor. Michelangelo was the Greatest Renaissance Artist of all times. His Greatest love was the study of the Human body, both in Painting and in Sculptor. Michelangelo best know works is his Painting on the Sistine Chapel. The art style Michelangelo used was called " Fresco " Painting on new wet white Plaster walls and ceilings. When the Plaster is damp, the wet paint is absorbed. One of the first to use the "Fresco" style of Painting was Giovanni Angelico ( 1440 -1455).

Pablo Picasso, ( 1881 - 1973 ), He was an Artistic Genius and is particularly remembered for his Style called "Cubism". Cezzanne was one of the first to experiment with this Style. Picasso lived in Paris and had a very poor simple life, he Painted over 200 works. These Paintings showed his sadness over what he saw and felt about the poor people lives of those around him. This was called his Blue Period. But then Picasso began to Paint a Happier type of Painting showing Clowns and performers at the Circus. This was called his Rose Period. Some times Picasso would stick objects to his Paintings, like News paper clippings, a Bottle label, Buttons, Cloth or strings. A Technique or a Style called a Collage invented by Picasso.

George Seurat, (1859 - 1891), He placed different shades of colors close to each other. In this way he would create green by mixing Blue and Yellow dots. Browns and Gold were made with tiny dots of Reds, Blues, and Oranges. To see his Pictures, one must step back and look at it from a disatnce. Then the dotsof pure color blend together to create a shimmering Scene. He discovered that tiny dots of Orange scattered in withother colors gave the Impression of sparkling sunlight.

Rembrandt Harmesz Van Rijn, ( 1606 -1669), He was born in Holland, their are only few people in history who are so Famous that they are known by their first name and rembrandt is one of them. He would show a person face from the shadow side. Photography had not been invented in Rembrandts time. Hiring an Artist was the only way to get your Picture taken. The Paintings, drawing and Prints are Priceless.

Vincent Van Gogh, ( 1853 -1890 ), He was well know during his life time. He is know for hi contrasting Colors and his Impasto Style filled with hatch strokes and rolling pulsing motions of his Paint brush. Van Gogh would stroke his paint on the canvas with a knife or brush - almost like working with clay. The Paint strokes forming marks with textures.

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