Free Post cards.

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Photo Post Cards.

   All Post cards can be requested Free of charge. Only School age Children between the ages of 6 (years) and 12 (years) are eligible. Postage will be paid for world wide distribution. We Provide this service to revive the skill of Hand writing letters.  Hand writing is an important means of communication.  We will have a World wide audience that help will bridge the gaps created by Media. The best barometer of any Society are our Children. Our Children are honest in what they draw and depict in their Art Images. Our World wide pen Club will be called P.O.S.T. Pre-teens offering second thoughts. Have your child or Children pick up a Pencil and Paper and join our fun and exciting club. All Schools are eligible to join. We offer Free Posters and Post Cards to all children despite their economic status.

Create your own Series of Post cards from our selection of Photos and Portraits.

Postage Paid. Please forward info to